Balance, what is that?

As you all know a teachers life is always busy. There is never a dull moment from planning, marking, researching and just plain teaching, our jobs are always on the go. This of course doesn’t even include our own personal lives which I will admit often is put on hold for our professional lives. I mean even as I write this blog I am walking laps around a track.

Lately, I have found it very hard to keep up. I try to balance everything but you always seem to drop something or get too stressed out to do anything else.

In fact, I feel guilty that I’m not on twitter as much or even writing 2 posts a month. I know I shouldn’t but you cannot help but feel the guilt.

This not only goes for us as teachers but out own students too. Students as well need to think of balance. Life is not about grades and homework but about enjoyment.

I write this post not to say hey I’m struggling or poor me but to say how do people find the time to balance it all? I wonder what strategies people have to balance their professional lives with their personal?

I am also writing this to leave some sort of affirmation that if you are struggling you are not alone. And that it is okay. I know that maybe weird coming from the guy now on lap 15 and writing a post but I think part it finding balance is to let go of the feeling we need to do everything.

So as I leave this post I would love to hear people’s strategies. I will also leave this statement: I will do my best to find the balance to be in the moment and most of all enjoy life.


Author: MrSoClassroom

I am a grade school Teacher, promoting creativity and exploration in all of my students. My classroom is always in a state of Inquiry.

3 thoughts on “Balance, what is that?”

  1. As a father of four I know how difficult it is to find balance. It’s different at different times of the year. This time of year is tough because of report cards, coaching, and active kids. I just know that when I set aside time for myself (yoga, reading, or watching a great show) I feel better. I have learned that when I slow down things don’t fly off the rails. Here is my most recent post.


    1. Thank you so much for your response. I hear you on setting aside time. Been trying that this year and it is helping. Your blog post is great too many great words of wisdom. I think slowing down is the key but what is hard is finding the brake. Sometimes I feel like like keeps the throttle down. Thanks again for the advice


  2. Oh, I am sooo there with you. The last few days I feel myself just running through motions, and not really listening to myself, my students, my own family. My daughter asked me this morning if “I wouldn’t do work” on Sunday.
    So, thank you for letting me feel like I am not alone in this wash automaticity. I have to find what regenerates me, again, I guess!
    Sorry — no advice on the work/life balance. I am sure you are doing amazing at both!


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