It just clicks some times

My daughter has been trying to ride a bike for the last three years. For the longest time she just couldn’t get it. We tried everything but she just couldn’t do it or would get frustrated and move to her scooter. 

Two days ago I decided to just take her training wheels off and tell her she wouldn’t fall. Well she did it! Something just clicked and bam she was riding her bike. Today she decided to ride with one hand. 

It got me thinking about learning in general. How often do we push our students or say they are behind because they aren’t meeting a so called standard. Now I know sometimes those standards are warranted but I just wonder what if we left them for a bit and see if it clicks. 

How can we as teacher support natural development of students? 

Just some more pondering during the summer. Hope everyone is enjoy their well deserved break. Love to here your thoughts.


Author: MrSoClassroom

I am a grade school Teacher, promoting creativity and exploration in all of my students. My classroom is always in a state of Inquiry.

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