Do we really mean,”You matter?”

I want to preface this post with that I know I know that the majority of teachers became teachers because we love children and want what is best for them. In that regard, I have no doubt.

In fact, when I first started to teach, this is why I did. I loved working with kids and helping them learn. However, having my own children has led me down an interesting path of learning and reflecting. Most of my recent posts have been along the lines of community, listening and wondering how do we retain our children in school.

Today I just happen to be in a school and as I look around I see the wonderful signs we all post about everyone matters, you’re not alone, we are a community, the character is everything, etc. And yet I also see posted in the office the late policy.

5 lates and it is a call home, 10 latest you have detention and 15 you are suspended. Now I am the first to advocate that all students need to be in school and that school is very important to your future success but I do wonder this. When we make these policies are we really worried about the child or more about the funding that goes with them.

If we truly care about the student, why are we suspending them instead of figuring out why they are late?

As Shanker says, there is always a reason for behaviour. There us no bad children.

Every child has a story even in Highschool.  I understand that we are trying to teach them the harsh reality of work that if they do not show up they will be fired but there has to be a better way then a suspension? What is that teaching them?

I recently posted a post about listening to students. I have learned so much from them this year. The fact that they could distinguish truly listening and being put off was amazing. They know when someone cares about them.

If we really mean the signs we put up in our schools then I think we have to rethink our policies. Is there a better way? How do we build trust, understanding and help students be in school?

Love to hear your thoughts.


Author: MrSoClassroom

I am a grade school Teacher, promoting creativity and exploration in all of my students. My classroom is always in a state of Inquiry.

3 thoughts on “Do we really mean,”You matter?””

  1. I agree whole-heartedly with everything you have posted here. I have found myself reflecting on many practices and policies of late – considering why they might exist and their value – instead of mindlessly following. Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time in a high school (I was there for some PD; I teach elementary school) and I also found myself considering the facilities we provide our students. If the washrooms are in terrible condition and there isn’t even hot water – are we showing students the respect they deserve? Is that encouraging them to come to school? I know there is never enough funding to go around – but I will continue to consider how I can help and brainstorm changes I can assist with, to help make school the best place for our students.

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  2. Jess thanks for your comment. I am at a High School as well but also see this in some of our elementary schools. I know we often say we need to change or we have changed school culture but I still wonder when I see these rules in place. I also understand why they are there but to be honest the kids often will be suspended most likely don’t need to be away from school. At the same time they are the ones that already feel disenfranchised and here we are pushing them farther away. We need to do more understanding of why and teaching how versus pushing away. Thanks again for your comments and thoughts.


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