Organizing Against Islamophobia & the US Travel Ban

This is an amazing piece that needs to be addressed. It is the reason why I try to put Social Justice at the forefront of my teaching. The funny thing is its never the kids I need to talk to but their parents. Please have a read and stand up for human rights. All of then.

On a New Journey

anti_trump_protest___gallery-2 Protestors march along Yonge Street Saturday, February 4 as part of a national day of action opposing hatred against Muslims.

I attended an event organized by my community, Parkdale’s Legal Services at the local library. The event focused on addressing Islamophobia in Canada, the province, and the community, as well as the impact of the travel ban on refugees and immigrants.
The event could have used more Muslim voices on the panel. There was only one Muslim woman on it, and her story was great to hear. I appreciated the fact that an attendee called this out. The organizers claim they tried to reach out to Muslims community members, and the local Imam, but they weren’t available.
One of the important things in organizing, whether it’s a movement, events, conferences, etc, is that you have a diverse representation of voices, but most importantly, the voices of those who you’re trying…

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