My First Keynote

So I did a keynote. It was a while back but I am finally having some time to reflect on the experience. To be honest, while I was up on stage I had no idea what was happening. All I really remember was looking at the clock (as we were behind in time), a gentleman in the far right of me and a woman in the center who was taking notes. The conference held 1300 parents from all areas of Peel and they were all looking at me. It reminded me of the very first day of teaching when I sat down and looked at 25 grade 4’s who were all looking at me saying, “teach me” and I was looking back going thinking, “who are you waiting for?” It is nerve-racking to stand in front of 1300 complete strangers. However, I tell my students every day to take risks, to be brave and to just be yourself; so that is what I did.

Looking back and watching the videos it was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. Did I say everything that I was suppose to say, no. Did I remember what I written down, no. But I was able to share a big passion of mine and talk to parents as a parent. If you haven’t heard the presentation and have some time to spare I have included the videos for you to listen to. I hope you enjoy.


Promo Video:


Author: MrSoClassroom

I am a grade school Teacher, promoting creativity and exploration in all of my students. My classroom is always in a state of Inquiry.

3 thoughts on “My First Keynote”

  1. Hi Jonathan, I don’t have time at the moment to watch your entire keynote, but I did watch the promo. I agree entirely. In fact I have a written a few posts on my blog with a similar theme. I think getting the message out to parents as well as teachers is very important. We need to help everyone see how we use maths in our daily lives and not see it as a series of meaningless worksheet exercises. Thank you for sharing the message.


    1. No worries Norah, it is long. I will have to go and read your posts on this. I think this is the missing piece to bridge the so called math wars. We need to make students to see generalizations and why they are doing math. Not just it’s because it’s a subject in school. Thanks again for the comments.

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