Building Relationships

Building relationships are the single most important thing that we can do as educators!

This past weekend I spent my Sunday at the Edtechteam GAFE summit in London. At the summit, the closing keynote’s (Karen Goepen-Wee) message really stuck with me. You can watch it here.

Her whole message was about making our students Super Nova’s.

It’s funny when I first started teaching I am not too sure you would have heard me say this. When I first started teaching I probably would have said it is all about me as the teacher and not the students. To be honest I am glad that I am not that teacher anymore.

For the past two years, I have really been pondering the thought of what is education? What do I value as a teacher? What do I want my kids’ teachers to be?

This year I have been really affected by my daughter’s journey through school. It hasn’t been easy. She is only in Kindergarten and already she doesn’t really like school. Please tell me that you see something wrong with that? Reflecting on this has made me think about what is education? What is my job as a teacher? Now I know it is to teach but is that really the goal? Should this be my number one directive? Even if it is, what will help my students more?

I know that I just ran off a bunch of questions but this has been my thought process throughout the year. Now let’s add in what Karen said. What do we remember about the best teachers that we have ever had? Is it that they taught us to multiply? That they taught us how to read? No, it was that they took the time to make us human, to get to know who we were as kids. Throughout my school career, I can remember five teachers who had an impact on me. What do they have in common? They ignited a passion for me. They took the time to say that I was special, that I mattered, that I could do something. On a side not I also remember three educators for what they did to me that dramatized my confidence.

So what does this tell me? Kids remember the teacher that made them feel special, that made them feel that they could do anything in the world. This year it has been about igniting the passion in my students. To make them realize that they are in charge of their destiny (if you want to call it that).

I know that it is hard to be in absolutes all the time but I really think this is one of them. I have seen huge growth in my daughter because of the amazing teachers she has had this year. Those teachers are teaching her things but more importantly they are building a relationship with her so that she can learn things. If you don’t have that relationship she shuts right down. She won’t talk to you, she won’t participate and she won’t even smile. More behaviour comes out and a lot more distractions do too. She is only 6. I know with my classroom, I can easily defuse a problem because of those relationships. Students want to talk because they feel honoured and they feel safe. Without this environment, there is no learning and we know that without learning there is no teacher.

So I know that our year is almost done. I know that a lot of us feel stressed and run down but I want to challenge you to think about these relationships.  I’ll end with a couple of quotes from Jesse Lubinsky the morning keynote.

Is this what we want for our students? (Watch this video) Love to hear what you do to help build your relationships.



Author: MrSoClassroom

I am a grade school Teacher, promoting creativity and exploration in all of my students. My classroom is always in a state of Inquiry.

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