Using Google Docs to Translate Work

I just found out a really interesting thing about google docs.  This may not be new to many of you but nonetheless it was quiet interesting.  While researching for the upcoming Ontario Summit conference on Google apps I learned that you can use google docs to translate documents.  Now I find this interesting because I can use it for many different purposes for my ELL classroom and even school.  Before I show you how this is done let me share some of my ideas:

1) Creating instructions for students:
In my classroom we do a lot of inquiry projects and center based learning.  For this to happen instructions have to be written so that students can independently work through the process and if I am not available for conferencing they need them to access what to possibly do. This is sometimes hard when you have a high ELL population in the classroom and you don’t speak the language.  Now you can do this with google translate.
2) Creating dual language books.
3) Students can also type in their own language in google docs and then you can translate it back into English
4) Translating notes and other announcements from your classroom or school is easy to do
So how do you do this:
1) Type the document that you wish to type
2) Highlight the selected text you wish to translate.
3. The next step is to click on tools and look through the drop down menu:

4. Click on the translate button and another menu will open in the middle of your screen with more options

5. Click on the language button and choose from a wide range.  Note that not all languages are here, unfortunately.

In the end it will create a whole new document for you to use:

Hope you enjoy this cool tool, like I am.


Author: MrSoClassroom

I am a grade school Teacher, promoting creativity and exploration in all of my students. My classroom is always in a state of Inquiry.

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